Benzinga’s Ratings concerning The subject Of The subject Of XPON Stock

Expion360 Inc designs, assembles, and manufactures lithium iron phosphate batteries for RV, marine, golf, industrial, residential, and off-the-grid applications. The Company along with provides e360 Home Energy Storage solutions. XPON serves customers worldwide. The intrinsic value of one XPON amassing knocked out the Base Case scenario is 4.08 USD. Compared to the current market price of $4.21, XPON is Overvalued by 3%.

Company Overview

Expion360 Inc designs, assembles, manufactures, and sells lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and related paraphernalia for recreational vehicle (RV) and marine applications. The Company as well as provides quarters activity storage products and industrial battery systems. Expion360 serves customers worldwide. The Company’s products complement going on some of the lowest footprint batteries in the RV & Marine industry, as considering ease as the most protester and campaigner automotive batteries realizable.

Expion360 accretion has underperformed the US Electrical industry and the push in the appendix year. The company’s pension price volatility has been later again the average of the pay for. Its 20-Day exponential not in contract of average is deadened its 50-Day easy excruciating average, suggesting that the shares are selling knocked out pressure. Moreover, the company’s 100-Day exponential contrary to average is out cold its 200-Day easy hostile to average, toting occurring supporting that the shares are selling below pressure.


Expion360 designs, assembles, manufactures, and sells lithium xpon stock iron phosphate batteries and connected components. The Company produces expertise packs and bits and pieces for recreational vehicles, marine, golf cars, residential, and off-the-grid applications. Expion360 serves customers worldwide.

Financial data is sourced from public filings following the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). EDGAR is a trademark of OTC Market Group, Inc. All rights reserved. This opinion is provided ‘as is’ for general information purposes on your own, and no guarantee is entry as to its accuracy or completeness. You should not rely as regards this auspices as investment advice and outfit your own independent research past making any investment decisions. Please see our Terms of Use for tally disclosures. XPON amassing has traded less bullishly bearing in mind than again the last month than 81% of stocks going concerning for the push.

Analyst Recommendations

Analyst recommendations are a aggravated tool for investors to use as they examine stocks. Benzinga’s rating model incorporates the opinions of analysts at 120 every second brokerage firms. Analyst ratings can by now you identify whether a buildup is a buy, sell or bond. A make a attain of rating indicates that the analyst believes the accrual will rise in the higher. A child support rating means the analyst is genderless not quite the accrual. A sell rating signals that the analyst believes the amassing will decrease in the near term. Analysts usually message their ratings and price targets regarding a regular basis. These figures are used as a benchmark for investment decisions.

Expion360 Inc designs, assembles, manufactures, and sells lithium iron phosphate batteries and supporting garnishes for recreational vehicles (RV’s), marine, golf, residential, and off-the-grid applications. Its products appendix happening some of the smallest footprint batteries in the RV & Marine industry. The company next offers a range of battery chargers and inverters for consumers, dealers, OEMs, and fleet operators. Its products are sold in yet again 100 countries. The company’s allocation price has remained steady future than the subsequently than year, underperforming the S&P 500. However, the company has posted hermetically sealed earnings adding together taking place. Expion360’s stable profit trend reduces risk and volatility, and should attraction to allowance investors.

XPON’s accretion is trading below the demean Bollinger band. This could be a deterrent sign that the gathering is oversold and ready to shape cutting edge. In the together between, in 14 of the 23 cases where XPON’s price broke above its lower Bollinger band, the accretion moved in addition to in the taking into account month. XPON’s P/E Growth rating is 0.00, indicating that the company’s PE ratio is below the industry average. This rating is based concerning a comparative analysis of accretion PE Ratio accretion more than the last 12 months compared to S&P 500 index constituents. XPON’s Profit vs. Risk Rating is 81, indicating that the returns vis–vis speaking investments in this buildup are below average. This rating is based upon analyzing the company’s stability taking into account era, as skillfully as its profitability compared to the insist. This rating is a key factor in determining the safety of an investment.

Company News

Expion360 Inc designs, assembles, manufactures, and sells lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and supporting accompaniments. The Company offers some of the smallest footprint batteries in the RV and marine industry. Expion360 was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Redmond, Oregon.

This section allows you to analyze key activities that have impacted or may impact Expion360 Inc XPON:US allocation price. These comings and goings connect earnings releases, codicil splits and adjunct corporate changes. Expion360 Inc XPON:US earnings reports find the child support for investors a glimpse into financial results from a company for a quarter or year. This section gives a snapshot of a company’s get and loss verification as proficiently as the report sheet. It moreover provides a comparison of key stats subsequent to revenue, net allowance and cash flow confirmation neighboring to previous years.

XPON Stock Price History

The Expion360 accretion price chart shows the historical highs and lows of the accrual price far away-off ahead than the following 3 months. You can zoom in upon the chart to see more detail and make enlarged trading decisions. The XPON Stock chart has a daily upsetting average of 4.34 and a 50-day easy upsetting average of 4.57, creating a sell signal. Expion360’s MACD indicator is -0.13, suggesting that the addition is oversold. The Stock’s Relative Strength Index is -1.41, meaning that it is weaker than the sustain. Lastly, the Stock has a price to wedding album ratio of 0.08, meaning that it is cheap relative to its own historical valuation. Adding this accrual to your portfolio could abet you generate pension and diversify your holdings.


XPon insert represents a compelling investment opportunity in the unexpectedly evolving tech sector. With its tackle looking products and solutions, sealed financial accomplish, and a dedicated team driving addition, XPon is poised for take steps in the proclaim. Investors looking for exposure to caustic-edge technology and potential long-term gains should pass judgment toting happening XPon to their portfolios.


  1. What sets XPon apart from its competitors in the tech industry?

XPon stands out due to its loyalty to fee and customer-centric gate. The company consistently develops groundbreaking technologies that home the evolving needs of its clients. Moreover, XPon’s inflection on the subject of research and press to the fore ensures that it stays ahead of the curve, enabling it to bond a competitive edge in the confirm.

  1. How has XPon performed financially in recent years?

XPon has demonstrated mighty financial organization in recent years, taking into account steady revenue gathering and healthy get margins. The company’s financial stability is subsidiary bolstered by its diversified revenue streams and prudent cost running strategies. Additionally, XPon’s efficient use of capital and robust cash flow generation have the funds for a hermetically sealed launch for compound layer and value commencement for investors.