NYC Lice Eradication Services: Your Solution For A Bug-Free Zone

Students may return to school if they have no live lice or nits, according to NYC department of education policy. This includes the days following treatment, as long as the head is re-inspected by school personnel. Lice removal services offer targeted treatments that eliminate lice and nits with a guarantee. They prioritize safety and use natural, non-toxic methods.


Head lice (pediculosis capitis) don’t discriminate against any socioeconomic group or race, so everyone in your family should be screened and treated if they have an active case. A licensed and trained delousing expert can quickly and safely treat lice infestations, using only natural products, and ensuring that all the lice and nits have been removed. Many FSAs and HSAs cover Lice Removal NYC treatment, making it a cost-effective choice for families. Many New York City-based delousing companies say business was down during the COVID-19 pandemic but is picking up now that kids are back at school and the bugs are again on the move. Jessica Liese of Washington Heights, who caught her second-grader with lice this fall, says she’s hearing of more outbreaks than usual.

Larger Than Lice offers a unique in home lice service, so your family doesn’t have to go anywhere to get treated. A licensed and experienced lice specialist will visit your home, thoroughly examine each head for active lice or nits, and then comb out all the lice and nits with a special nit comb, ensuring that every single one has been removed.


Lice are a common and annoying parasite that can spread by direct contact with an infested head. They don’t discriminate against socioeconomic status or race and can affect anyone. Regularly checking and treating your children for lice can help prevent infestations. During the treatment process, our technician will apply an all natural solution on the scalp and comb out any live lice and nits using a professional nit comb. Afterwards, the technician will explain how to prevent lice going forward and screen again for any signs of lice or nits.

It is important to properly clean bedding and clothing. All clothes should be washed in hot water and dried on high heat, including stuffed animals that may have been infested by lice. In addition, combs and brushes should be cleaned frequently and soaked in alcohol or medicated shampoo to kill lice. Lice can survive on a person’s hair for about 5 days so it is crucial to check often and treat immediately.


The parasites are transmitted through direct head-to-head contact and hardly discriminate by age, socioeconomic status or school. It is impossible for children to avoid the close physical contact that comes with a school setting, whether it be hugging classmates or leaning their heads back to look at an instructor on the chalkboard. This is where lice thrive. Parents should communicate with their kids that head lice do not cause disease and do not pose a health risk. They can also help by washing all sheets, towels, hats, clothing and stuffed toys in hot water. Those items that cannot be washed should be sealed in plastic bags for 10 days to ensure the lice die of starvation.

While lice did take a temporary hit during the COVID-19 pandemic as people were encouraged to practice social distancing, many experts tell Gothamist that cases are creeping up again. Several delousing services in the city offer chemical-free treatments with unrelenting combing and expert nit-picking, but they can be expensive.


In addition to treatment, Lice Checks NYC services provide education about preventing future infestations. Lice can be spread through close, personal contact, such as when children hug or lean on one another, or by sharing hats, brushes, combs or sports helmets. However, most cases of lice transmission occur through direct head-to-head contact. Parents can teach their kids to be careful, checking their own heads often for nits (lice eggs) before school, and not sharing hats or brushes. Parents should also encourage their children to avoid close, personal contact with friends while at school.

Schools require that students with live lice stay home, but kids with nits can go back to class as long as they are cleared by a parent or delouser before returning to school. Several delousers Gothamist spoke to say they are busier than usual, even during the COVID-19 pandemic when many kids were socially distancing themselves from one another. Their businesses often have waiting lists.


Expert delousers say they’re seeing large outbreaks this year. “We’ve never seen anything like it,” one owner of lice-removal salons in Midwood and Park Slope told Gothamist in December. An expert lice technician will come to your home and first confirm the presence of lice and nits. Then a thorough, natural treatment will be performed and the nits combed out with a nit comb.