85 Degrees Bakery In Santa Clarita Has Been Temporarily Closed Due To Health Violations

The famed Taiwanese bakery, known for its coffee, tea, smoothies, baked goods, and sweets, was forced to close its doors on Thursday in line with California Health and Safety Code Section 114411.

The violation of the California Health and Safety Code resulted in the bakery’s temporary closure, and business managers subsequently verified that selling expired dairy and meat goods was the final reason.

“As for why we were shut down,” said 85 Degrees Bakery Director of Marketing Dave Lavazo, “our breads containing meat, dairy, or cream must be sold within four hours, and we were penalized for having a couple loaves out over that mark by roughly 15 to 20 minutes.” “We were to blame. We became too comfortable, and we have no excuses.”

According to California Occupational Safety and Health Regulations, this is a significant breach because “there is a genuine probability that death or serious bodily damage might occur from the danger produced by the violation.”

According to Lazaro, the 85 Degrees Bakery Cafe at 24445 Magic Mountain Parkway in Valencia is awaiting an extra health inspection and hopes to reopen shortly.

“In order to comply with these health standards, we are training to be more emphatic about disposing of these pastries before the four-hour period,” Lavazo added. “We don’t want to let anybody down or violate their confidence.” We’re working hard to ensure that this never occurs again.”

KHTS contacted the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health for further information, but they were unavailable for comment as of Friday morning.

Note: This is a developing story; additional details will be posted as they become available.

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