Windows: Whether to Double-Glaze Them or Not

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Up until around five years ago, double glazing was an absurdly expensive luxury in Australia. The planet has changed. Like anything else, the cost goes down as more producers enter the market. Now you can buy high-quality double-glazed awning windows made in Australia for a very reasonable price. Let’s take the example of a 250 square meter home to show how to replace the standard single-glazed sliding aluminum windows with double-glazed awning aluminum. When you take into account the (very recommended) upgrade from sliding to awning, which will already cost you $2,000, the actual cost is only a few thousand dollars.

First Thing That Spring to Mind

But those double-glazed windows cost the same as my Caesarstone countertops! For 90% of consumers, Caesar-stone bench tops are the first thing that spring to mind. (The phrase “Caesar-stone” has come to mean any substitute for artificial stone.) They are expected in any luxury kitchen and are now in trend. But keep in mind that the cost of these bench tops might range from $3,500 to $5,000 depending on the kitchen. Other than the guarantee that a glass or plate will break if you drop it, what else does a stone bench top offer?

 The following justifications are typically used to support Caesar-stone: better for rolling out pastry; easier to clean; and longer lasting. True enough, it has style. Modern laminates are durable, easy to maintain, and almost impossible to harm. They are included in the builder’s standard pricing. Study shows that they are equally competitive when it comes to pastries.

Double-glazed windows will pay for themselves. The windows will pay for themselves in only three to five years due to the decreases in heating and cooling costs. They drastically cut heating costs. Everyone must install shades or drapes to cover windows in order to keep out light and heat. All you need to do to control the light is double-glaze your windows. This could completely offset the expense of your windows because of the significantly lighter grade of vacuum glazing thermal conductivity furnishings that is produced.

Space More Wisely with Double-Glazed Windows

You can use your space more wisely with double-glazed windows, including where you place your furniture and where you sit. You can unwind at the window no matter how hot or how cold the day is. Most typical Australian homes have spaces that should not be entered due to the heat gain and loss caused by single-glazed windows.

If your financial situation makes double glazing unaffordable, install it at the very least in the living rooms. A doona might keep you warm as bedrooms are a nocturnal experience. Due to its location typically towards the front of the house, nearer to street noise, the master bedroom is an exception to this rule.

Windows with vacuum glazing U value offer significantly improved sound insulation. If you live near a school or sports complex, if there is any form of crowd or vehicle noise, if you live in a busy neighborhood, or if you are adjacent to a road, the benefits of these modernized windows are enormous (or just noisy neighbors). We’re talking about the sanity equation.

Add Better Windows

Anyone can add better windows, even if they can’t turn their building to face north. Orienting is challenging on a sloped property where breathtaking views to the south or west are typical. A property with many South-facing windows would be chilly in the winter and hot in the summer unless you use double glazing and insulate yourself from that problem. If the windows in your common living spaces face south, there shouldn’t be any other window choices. Even if your home is appropriately oriented with the windows in all of its sitting spaces facing north, the benefits of better insulated windows still hold true.

Why do I feel like replacing my windows?

If your windows only have single glazing, you might want to do one of two things.  The initial cost of installing the windows may be high, but over the course of their lifetime, you should end up saving a large quantity of money. Among other advantages, improving your glazing can increase security and lower noise pollution.

Double-glazed windows are a great selling point. Caesar-stone seats are well-liked for a variety of factors, one of which is their high resale value. However, double-glazed windows are a far better selling point. Most people are happy to employ a stone mason to replace bench tops, but most people do not think that changing windows is a practical alternative. Double-glazed windows will have a much greater resale value than fashion-driven fixtures like bench tops and glass splashbacks.


Still unable to afford higher-quality windows? Oh, kindly! For less money than the commission you would pay a salesperson, single-glazed windows in a home might be upgraded to double-glazed ones. It is only popular right now. Your home’s appearance of safety, coziness, and homeliness will depend on the windows you choose. You might choose to replace stone with stainless steel or cover glass with tiles.

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