When to send out the save the date wedding cards? Tips and tricks for safe delivery of wedding invites


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Have you ever managed a wedding? No matter how great of a manager you have been, weddings are somewhat different. The main thing which makes managing different from other events is probably the emption. Not many people realise that they have to manage the wedding event like a responsibility, and they generally take it as an emotional task. Thus, this emotional burnout will mess up a lot of things. So if you have your wedding this year, it is time to learn a few tips regarding inviting guests to your wedding.

In this article, we will try to answer a very common question asked by the people who are always worried about their big day; when should they dispatch the save the date wedding cards?

Well, there is no hard and fast rule for it., but the sooner the better. But does it mean that you should inform them about your wedding a few months ago? Well, it is not like that.

Before we start, let me share with you what happened at my wedding.

So just like any panicked couple, me and my partner were also very anxious about the perfection of our wedding, and we wanted a very smooth wedding. So to ensure that everything works fine, we informed all our guests two month before the wedding. This made us a bit amazed that at least we had told them about the event on time.

However our wedding was during the lockdown period, thus, we were unsure who to invite formally. We thought informing people is enough,a dn when it would be time to make the final list we will send the wedding invitations to only the selected people, and then tell the remaining that the state is not allowing a big fat wedding. This was our plan, which turned out to be a disaster. Even though we told them about our wedding two months before the event, there were still people who were unhappy, and did not attend the wedding.

So what is the best time to plan a wedding card?

Wedding invitations are often regarded as an extra thing. Well, do you think you can bear the burden of people complaining that you did not even invite them to your wedding on time? Do you realise many people think that inviting them late would mean that you did not make them a priority guest and thus, they should not join you. Thus, to avoid such complications, and make your event a happy event it is necessary to send the wedding cards in time.

Now, think for a second that you have received a wedding card almost a week before the wedding. Would you be able to ruin your plans for the weekend for this sudden change in plans? Some people might be unable to do so.

Thus, the polite way to invite anyone to your wedding is to send them the wedding invitation almost 15 days before the wedding. It is normal human psychology that most of the people have made a schedule for the coming weekend and not for the next weekend. Thus, you can hit it right when there is a 15 days gap before the wedding. We believe it is the ideal time to get a wedding invitation.

The main reason for choosing a 15 days gap is the time to plan for the wedding. However, you must not dispatch the wedding cards on the 15th day. Those who are sending a wedding card, or wedding save the date magnets, should dispatch them almost 25 days before the wedding.

When to tell others about my wedding?

Now sending the wedding invitation is one thing, and it is a necessary formality. But telling people about the possible week of your wedding is another task. We will suggest that you inform all your close friends and relatives about the week or month of your wedding almost two to three months before the wedding. It would be polite to inform them earlier so that they may join you with excitement and happiness, telling them in the 11th hour will leave no time for them to prepare for your wedding.

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