The Best Coffee and a Cup of Coffee

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As I set up in bed, it is around 9 am. I take in my first full breath. Then, when the lungs are filled and extended, I discharge the air that gets my blood Coffee streaming. I’m appreciative I can inhale all alone. But, tragically, not every person can say that.

I was a plane delayed in Las Vegas, Nevada, one time. I think I was going to the east coast to see my family. I saw all over coin gambling machines were causing an uproar with lights, chimes, and cash evolving sounds. However, what charmed me was an all-glass room with peoples coming in and going out.

I understood it was a smoking space for explorers that required their nicotine fix.

What perplexed me was the following ludicrous thing that came out…

An elderly person is emerging from the smoking room. Furthermore, you got it…

She was pulling an oxygen tank behind her!!

Also, indeed, she smoked. Since I saw her with a cigarette in her mouth before she came out, you would figure peoples would stop after they needed an oxygen tank to breathe. However, No! Not this woman. I contemplated whether she at any point delighted in breathing clean air.

That is correct; you perused it accurately.

I stroll into the kitchen and take out the best coffee, Peet’s or Starbucks coffee. Whichever I have recently bought I make some coffee. Ordinarily, it is the least expensive. Put some coffee subscription in the processor and make that boisterous clamor, meanwhile boiling water from my new ground beans.

I would rather avoid some coffee they call chilled coffee. Who gave insane people ice to place into the coffee?

There is a wide range of the best coffee… Vietnamese coffee, Cuban coffee, African coffee, Columbian coffee, Italian meal, Sumatra broil, house mix, medium mix, coffee, entire bean, ground bean.

Each time I make some coffee (around 2-3 times/week), I recollect my excursion to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Each time I visit a nearby coffee shop to buy some coffee, I recall that fantasy trip we visited Hacienda Monte Alto’s coffee estate. We visited the bean fields and saw the best coffee bean buds. I smelled the spoiling husks of the beans that were stacked up outside. I saw and experienced the fieriness of the roaster. I even got a sack of cooked beans.

I was prepared to drink some coffee.

Behind the scenes, I could hear my family banter on how much the best coffee to buy and when my auntie could send my folks more. My auntie lives there in San Juan a few months out of the year. So, my beverages are more than some coffee. My mother sometimes states she needs probably the best coffee and blends some coffee from the ranch she visited.

I assume the best coffee packs were about $6.00 – $7.00/lb—contingent upon the quality or grade of the coffee.

Then, I pee.

I must deliver the liquids… no great reason here—a proper tension delivery.


I can’t leave out my eye contact. I need to place those darn things in my eyes. I wear glasses a little less than half of the time; however, those give me migraines over an extensive stretch of use.

I hear the water bubbling. AHHH, I just can hardly wait for some warm coffee. I can avoid the inclinations of botanical, citrus, vanilla gritty flavor as it hits my tongue.

Rather than some coffee, I put my nose close the pack and simply take in the fragrance of the beans and not make coffee. The smell is to the point of getting me moving.

I empty the hot water into my French Press and pause. As I would see it, the French press is the ideal way to drink some coffee of the best coffee you like. Indeed, in all actuality, I do remain there more often than not and pause. Three to four minutes goes by quickly. Then, into my cup, I pour some coffee I squeezed.

The mug is now hot from having quite recently bubbled water in it. It keeps some coffee cups from chilling off the hot coffee. Savvy thought, huh?

I set up camp one time. I would rest under the stars close to the open-air fire. Also, indeed, on more than one occasion, I would need to dismiss a lump of coal from my camping cot. That is the explanation I don’t possess a costly pack. However, one morning the open-air fire was near the gathering food tent. I could hear peoples beginning to make breakfast and coffee. Indeed, I could smell it. I figure I could nearly experience the glow from some coffee. Wow, that coffee was solid.

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