The Benefits Of LG Extended Warranty

All major appliance manufacturers offer a wide range of extended warranties and service contracts. These policies typically extend the one-year limited warranty that comes with new appliances from the manufacturer. LG’s refrigerators are no exception. These policies, called LG Premium Care, extend the manufacturer’s from-new limited coverage for up to three years.

Peace Of Mind

LG extended Warranty is a way to protect your investment and give you peace of mind for the life of the product. It is available for 1, 2, or 3 years and comes with perks such as Quick Swap Service and White Glove Service, which offer fast delivery of replacement units and add authorized technicians on site to uninstall and replace the unit at no additional cost. A manufacturer’s warranty is a great way to cover a device from mechanical and electrical breakdowns. However, warranties are only good for a limited time and only cover specific kinds of breakdowns.

For a more comprehensive level of protection, you may want to consider a home warranty. They cover many more systems and appliances than a LG extended warranty does, and they typically have low deductibles. They also have expert support and an unlimited number of claims.


If you have a LG appliance that breaks down, you will be glad to know that you can get it fixed. This is because most of today’s major appliance manufacturers offer an extended warranty that protects their products for longer than the limited manufacturer’s warranty does. LG’s Premium Care extended service plan offers coverage for one, two or three years. It also guarantees hassle-free repairs, no deductibles and round-the-clock expert support.

For a fridge, a one-year plan can run around $50. You can also choose to buy an extended warranty for other appliances, like a television or washer and dryer. The resulting savings make the costs of an extended warranty worth it in many cases. Whether you decide to use the warranty yourself or opt to let a company do it, it’s important to find a company that provides dependable service at an affordable price. The right option for you will depend on the size and age of your home, your budget and the specific needs of your household.


LG’s extended Warranty is a great way to protect your appliances from unexpected damage and repair fees. Most consumers find that a warranty is worth the cost. It saves time and stress, extends the lifespan of your appliance, and makes sure it’s always working for you. Plus, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your appliances are protected.

A good LG extended Warranty will cover mechanical and electrical breakdowns, as well as normal wear and tear. It also comes with a range of extra benefits, including expert support and photo storage. In my opinion, LG could do a lot more to rebuild trust and restore consumers’ confidence in its products if it offered some more broad-sweeping replacement options for older handsets affected by bootloop issues. In fact, an upgrade program in the vein of Apple’s Uh Oh or Samsung’s Premium Care would go down very well with consumers.

Extended Coverage

Almost all major appliances and electronics come with a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. This coverage is often quite generous and varies by product, but it does provide some protection against unexpected breakdowns. Many consumers find that an extended warranty, such as LG’s Assurance Care, is a great investment, especially when purchasing a new appliance or other device. CPS extended warranties give customers added financial protection, as well as peace of mind knowing that they can access round-the-clock support and expert advice whenever they need it.

In the event that an LG appliance or other device fails, you can easily submit a claim to LG with the help of an Enhanced Warranty Claim Form. This document will allow you to request monetary benefits under the Enhanced Customer Care Program directly from LG or by filing an Enhanced Warranty Claim through an authorized Settlement Class Member. Upon receipt of your request, LG will pay you the applicable benefits within a commercially reasonable period of time.

Final Word

For the first time ever, LG is offering a two-year warranty to US customers. This is a reassuring message to consumers and one that LG needed to start rebuilding consumer trust following the boot-loop fiasco. This type of coverage is a great option for high-tech appliances like LG refrigerators that can be expensive and complex to repair. It also helps consumers avoid unexpected breakdowns and replacement costs.

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