Relationships Between Twin Flames and Twin Flame Loves

twin flame love

Everyone seeks their ideal partner. We desire a close, intimate relationship with the person we have been seeking and longing for from the start of our lives—apparently since the beginning of time. It is known as the Twin Flame by some people and the twin flame love by others. Is this the same thing?

Let’s look at these terms first. Most of us have relationships with or are married to the most typical type of soul match. This is our karmic twin flame love, a person we have lived previous lifetimes with and who we still have unresolved business with.

They will teach us lessons, and we will teach them from our experiences. It will be necessary to work through any outstanding issues. The address is to be strong enough to leave that person amicably and without dying this time, for instance, if we are married to or in a relationship with someone who has killed us in the past. In that case, what we experienced was a breakup or divorce!

Relationship With Someone

Perhaps we have a relationship with someone who was taken from us too soon or from whom we were taken like a soldier killed in war or a mother who dies giving birth. A long, happy existence together that lasts into old age may be the experience that the Souls seek in this incarnation. That would be an illustration of a more amicable karmic twin flame love connection. However, there is also a less palatable variety.

May Reincarnate

We may reincarnate to be in a romantic relationship with someone who was a relative in a previous life that we had wronged. I observed the following throughout my past-life readings as one illustration. In ancient Rome, a wealthy widow had a drunken gambler for a son. In her youth, she repeatedly helped him out, but once he got married and had children who were almost adults and had not changed, she cut him off financially and refused to change her mind. She provided for his wife and children while he received nothing.

Finally, he passed away in a gutter. In their mid-forties, these two fell in love and met again in this existence. Both felt a strong attraction to one another, and marriage was discussed. But when his company failed, she helped him at considerable personal expense by handing him the rest of her savings. When a particular investment reached maturity, he assured her he would pay the money back shortly after.

Well-Paying Position

Instead, he accepted a well-paying position, relocated to a distant city, and finally married a wealthy woman. She never received a cent of her savings back. It was her karma to be in need while the other person had the opportunity to aid her but cold heartedly chose not to. From the perspective of the human ego, this illustrates a karmic twin flame love event that was “unpleasant.” However, the Soul could take what she had “served” in a previous existence. One powerful method of karmic balancing is this one.

Another event is meeting your twin flame love, in which two people harmonically converge. In other words, they team up as lifemates to support each other in completing the objectives they incarnated for a while living on Earth. These are frequently the persons with whom we have completed karma.

Only at the end of our earthly lives, when we give birth to our most significant act of humanitarianism, can the Twin Flame experience occur. Rarely do twin flames incarnate simultaneously or in the same realm or density. The Twin is the other half of who we are that parted ways with us eons ago, at the start of this cycle, and for whom we are ever on the lookout. In a lifetime on Earth, hardly anyone connects with their Twin Flame.

Your Twin wants you to be content, nevertheless, until that moment. You can also physically unite with your Twin Flame while on Earth if you ask them to enter your life energetically through a partner who vibrates similarly to you. The ability to embody the other person’s Twin Flame energy must exist at the Soul level between both individuals. While in a physical body on the Earth Plane, these two can reach the pinnacle of joyfully loving from the depths of their being.


Ask your Twin Flame for a blessing to experience this, then wait patiently while the angelic world takes care of the rest. Study the Pure Intent and Attraction Laws. Relationships occur when, where, and in ways that your Soul and angelic guides determine are ideal for you and the other person. Live life to the fullest and remain in the present while you wait. The relationship will typically come around once you are satisfied living alone and comfortable with who you are.

You are not emitting a frequency of anguish and longing at that point. Become an enthusiastic match for the calm, pleasure, and love you desire. Additionally, gratitude draws impressive things to us. So, remember to be grateful for all of your blessings!

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