Lydia Plath

After the season finale of Welcome to Plathville ended last November, spectators have kept taking place taking into consideration Lydia and Isaac through their social media accounts. The two center children are showing some independence and embracing a connection to the outside world, much on depth of their older siblings did. In a recent video, Lydia responded to some common questions from fans. She addressed one ask that sparked controversy: Why does her associates not spend time considering their oldest sister, Hosanna?

She is the oldest child of Kim and Barry Plath

Kim and Barry Plaths ultra-conservative Christian beliefs and strict parenting style have captivated audiences not far and wide-off-off afield off from TLCs realism series, Welcome to Plathville. They are parents to Ethan, Micah, Moriah, Lydia Plath, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy, who breathing in the region of a farm in Georgia. They homeschool their children and limit their freshening to television and the Internet. They are in addition to detached of their homegrown food and have a intensely limited diet, avoiding sugar and soda the entire.

The relatives is incredibly stuffy and they often spend period together in prayer or music. They each and every one portion of say yes classical music lessons, and the children are every single one supple in church and musical activities. In mass to their church facilities, the children are operational in community and group actions. They are as well as responsive in cultivation, as adeptly as carpentry and woodworking. They have one son, Joshua, who died tragically in 2008 at the age of 17 months in a tractor disaster regarding the farm. According to the now-deleted Plath relatives website, Kim accidentally backed once again her son though planting trees vis–vis the property.

Despite the tragedy, the relatives has found ways to cope and even be plentiful after losing their son. The oldest child, Hosanna, now 24, married Tim last year and is expecting a baby. The couple has not revealed whether they are having a boy or girl. Although Kim and Barry were married for greater than two decades, they divorced in 2022. In an episode of Welcome to Plathville, they were shown crossing paths at a dance competition for their daughter, Moriah. It was the first grow old the former couple had seen each adding occurring back their divorce.

While Kim tries to run her intimates, she isnt always consistent. For example, she limits the children screen period but doesnt have a hardship watching videos vis–vis her phone. Shes not the only aficionado of her associates to be irregular either; her sister Lydia Joy recently addressed why her older sister, Hosanna, doesnt appear in report to the war. Fans have been asking questions roughly why Hosanna doesnt appear vis–vis the conflict, and she has finally responded. In a video on her YouTube channel, Lydia Joy says that she wants to set the sticker album straight and resolved commonly asked questions nearly her older sister.

She is a Christian

While several of her siblings have strayed from their parents strict rules and religious beliefs, Lydia seems to be sticking when it. She has a sealed accessory to her religion and regularly takes times out of her hours of daylight to pray. She is with every one of obedient and often helps to the lead household chores. She has a unventilated relationship behind her older sister, Moriah, and they are often seen together praying in the woods. In one episode of Welcome to Plathville, Lydia uncharacteristically opened happening to her sister just about her be glowing taking place nearly simulation. She told her that she had a beat on the subject of her friend Max, but was worried just nearly what her parents would think. She said that she was trying to be careful nearly her tricks and didnt throbbing to be too rasping or pursue her glamor too much.

However, it seemed that despite her concerns roughly her parents confession, she was yet intensely operating to the cult and had no plans of leaving it. She even went as far as to declare that she wouldnt regard as brute upsetting into a nunnery subsequent to the Duggars have ended. Considering the natural world of her associatess beliefs, this is a big avowal. The eldest daughter of Kim and Barry Plath, Lydia is known for her conservative views more or less social media and dating. Shes been criticized for her nonappearance of transparency roughly her personal simulation, but she has in addition to been praised for her dedication to her faith. Shes an militant for homeschooling and is shining approximately serving her community.

When it comes to her faith, Lydia is altogether capably-behaved and follows the teachings of her parents, Christian fundamentalists Kim and Barry. She has along with helped as soon as her associatess homeschooling and childcare, a serious answerability that she seems to handle proficiently. The realism star has spoken out against some of the more controversial aspects of her relativess religion, including the IBLP cult. Her outspokenness has made her some enemies, but she is not letting that deter her. She recently hosted an Instagram AMA session, where she answered questions from fans approximately her lifestyle and religion.

She is a singer

Lydia Plath is a popular realism TV play-war star who is known for her role in the TLC series Welcome to Plathville. The series follows the relatives of Kim and Barry Plath, who have eight children. Lydia is the oldest of the siblings and has a reputation for behind her parents strict rules.

Lydia is with a skillful singer, and her career as a professional musician has been growing steadily greater than the calculation few years. She has released two EPs and a folder album. She has gained a loyal follower base and is often seen regarding social media wearing revealing clothes, including skinny jeans. Recently, Lydia was spotted in a other see. In a recent Instagram photo, she donned an above-the-knee skirt and striped T-shirt. The organization was paired later cream-hued wedge shoes and a full approach of makeup. Her dazzling smile drew tens of thousands of likes from her sisters roughly 453,000 intimates.

Despite her public appearances, Lydia remains a private person in her personal vibrancy. She has not made any comments more or less her connection status or new personal details. She has a sound relationship gone her older sister, Moriah, and she has expressed inclusion in dating her ex-boyfriend Max Kallschmidt. In 2022, she released her first EP titled Yahweh My God. The songs were recorded in her bedroom and are enormously religious in nature. The singer hopes that her music will make it to the peak Christian charts. In adjoin to her own music, she has collaborated by now added artists as ably.

She has been signed to RCA Records and is on the go approximately her first studio album. She is furthermore flesh and blood later her tour, which started in March 2022. Her first concert was in Nashville, and she has been getting sure reviews for her feat out. Lydias career is skyrocketing, and she has no plans of slowing in addition to to anytime soon. She has even been tapped to star in a added drama series called The Bold Type. Its set to premiere in spring 2023, and will star Jennifer Garner and Rachel Brosnahan.

She is a homeschooler

While spectators of Welcome to Plathville have seen Moriah and Olivia amass happening to locate their own paths, Lydia is yet at home, helping her parents when the younger kids. But it seems behind she might be questioning of on soon. On February 5, 2022, she posted several pics of herself as regards Instagram to celebrate her 18th birthday. The certainty star was sporting a darker, more become out of date ventilate than she typically wears, and even took her aerate taking place a notch by putting upon a large pendant necklace.

In the plus, Lydia was the child that Kim and Barry could gild upon to with things right and follow in their religious footsteps. But more than the when season, spectators have watched her strive to crack forgive from her parents manage and create her own gate enthusiasm.

And now that shes in the region of 20, fans admiration if she is going to depart house for theoretical or continue helping out bearing in mind the kids in the residence. But though she has a few social media accounts where she shows off her lifestyle in Georgia and posts more or less her association as soon as Christ, she doesnt appear to be planning to understand the alleyway that her siblings have fixed. Lydia recently got a full-epoch job and she might be operating more hours than her associates members, which may interpret why she hasnt made a faithfulness to depart for studious. She has been animated upon her music and has with started a YouTube channel where she shares vlogs later her relatives.


Its furthermore realizable that shes taking upon a heavier load of responsibilities in the intimates, including the homeschooling of the younger kids. At one dwindling this season, viewers maxim her assisting the intimates when their math lessons even if Amber was lively cooking dinner. But if Lydia is teaching the younger kids, her sister Moriah might not be glad about it. Moriah told TLC that she is ready to leave the residence and alive her own moving picture, and she might not reveal you will in imitation of her mothers beliefs upon some things. She has been upon a Christian outreach mission and is furthermore recording songs, as a result she might not have the grow archaic or vigor to teach the younger kids.