Is A Home Appliance Extended Warranty Worth The Purchase?

An appliance extended warranty, or purchase protection plan, can help homeowners save money on costly repairs and replacements. These plans typically cover repairs by a professional technician in the home. Unlike a home warranty, which provides coverage for all systems in the house, an appliance extended warranty only covers specific appliances. But both types of warranties have their pros and cons.

Peace Of Mind

As a consumer, it can be unnerving to think that your home appliances could break down suddenly and leave you with an astronomical repair bill. Fortunately, protection plans and extended warranties provide a financial safety net to prevent such disasters from occurring. A protection plan or extended warranty for home appliances will typically cover a range of repair and replacement costs, as long as the appliance is within its service period and the issue falls under the terms of the contract. This can be a huge relief, especially for consumers who don’t have the extra cash lying around to pay for an unexpected appliance repair bill.

Another perk of a protection plan or extended warranty is that it typically comes with a flat, upfront cost, meaning there are no monthly or annual premiums to worry about. Additionally, the provider will pair you with authorized service technicians who specialize in your specific appliance type and brand.

Predictable Costs

An appliance extended warranty helps you avoid paying for repair or replacement out of pocket. It can also help you budget for the expense of a new appliance or system in the future. Unlike warranties offered by the manufacturer, which can be quite costly and may cover only a limited number of items, appliance extended warranties are typically sold by home warranty companies who specialize in contracts and connecting customers with technicians. They can cover multiple appliances in a single policy, so you don’t have to purchase different policies to cover your entire household.

A home appliance extended warranty can offer a fixed monthly rate that makes it easy to budget from month to month. This is much more affordable than relying on credit or using your savings to pay for repairs or replacements. Many plans offer a variety of plan lengths to choose from, so you can find the right fit for your lifestyle.

Comprehensive Coverage

Home appliance extended warranty are available from a variety of companies, with each offering its own unique perks and costs. For example, one company may offer specialized technicians who can repair appliances at home, which minimizes inconvenience and reduces out-of-pocket expenses. Another advantage of a home warranty provider is that it may cover all or most of the appliance repair costs. Homeowners typically have to pay a small service fee to initiate a repair or replacement process, and the remainder of the cost is covered by the insurance company.

Some credit card issuers also provide a complimentary warranty for household appliances purchased using their cards. Regardless of the type of home warranty plan, consumers should carefully review the terms and conditions to ensure it is right for them. The best way to find out if an extended warranty is right for you is to check with the manufacturer. Many appliances have warranty information directly on the product or on purchase receipts and owner’s manuals.

Easy To Find

Unlike the manufacturer’s warranty included with a new appliance, an extended service plan offered by the retailer or third party often provides convenient and reliable repairs. The provider will likely have a network of technicians, a system for submitting claims, and the ability to verify an appliance’s eligibility for repair. Home appliances are typically designed to last for years, so the purchase of a warranty is more than just lemon insurance against a bum machine rolling off an assembly line. The warranty offers a number of perks that make it an appealing option for consumers to consider.

For example, a warranty company may pair homeowners with service technicians who specialize in their specific brand and type of appliance. The provider will also be able to schedule and dispatch a technician quickly after a claim is submitted. The streamlined process can save time and money in the long run. This is especially important for households that rely on major appliances to perform vital functions.


A home appliance extended warranty is a service contract that covers repairs to household appliances. It typically offers bundled coverage for major appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers. It’s easy to see why these protection plans appeal: They can save homeowners money by reducing the cost of repairs when appliances break down. But is it worth the purchase?

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